Three Phases (Faces) of Eve (Me)


October 13, 2014 by petrujviljoen

I’m thinking of exhibiting these three self portraits I did over a year as part of a course in Artmaking way back in 1999.


24 thoughts on “Three Phases (Faces) of Eve (Me)

  1. Hello! I got your message and here I am. 🙂
    So you give me your permission to share some of your self portraits on my collaborative blog:
    http:\\ ?
    Did you realise that I had already ‘liked’ this post? 🙂


    • Hi Ashley! Yes, I do want to play with re the sp’s, please. I didn’t realise you already ‘liked’ it. I posted it some time ago and obviously don’t remember. I made a more recent self portrait while playing with Photoshop but didn’t post it, I thought it was a bit idealised. Stickler for the truth I am, however unattractive it may be! 🙂 Would you rather I made something new for the collaboration? Those are about ten years old.


  2. these are wonderful Petri. so raw. great seeing. and such interesting process


  3. This post; Multi (several) media… the 3 self-portraits, all good, but grumpy. Are you still grumpy a decade and a half on? Or are the self-portraits doing the talking? Mine are grumpy too, I think that’s from the necessary splitting into two—subject and object—to make a self-portrait; and thereby having one’s limited joie de vivre spread much thinner over two faces.
    The previous and most recent posts: There were only two words I had to look up: colchicine, calque … doing so “catafalque” came to mind. I can’t have a real dictionary too accessible, as if I do, I use it to look something up and if I do that I begin to read it for page after page like it was a novel!
    Thanks for the like on “ex-cuses” I didn’t think this rant would get any likes, though I posted it anyway.

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    • This is why I blog. Real critique with regard to the self portraits. Thank you. And yes, I am indeed still as grumpy with very good reason.
      ”If you got stranded on an island, what book would you wish you had with you?” – the dictionary every time. My Oxford Reference quotes the roots of words and that’s where I get my best entertainment.
      I liked your ‘ex-cuses’. I live in South Africa and democratic voting is new to us, only 20 years old, and although cynicism has crept in since 1994, it remains all one has, and yes, one voice can make a difference, added to the rest. 🙂


      • mine are often ‘grumpy’ too. with me it’s the act of looking so intently and the necessity to squint. being myopic I learned early the trick of narrowing the aperture of your eye to see more clearly.
        but I love the idea of one’s joie de vivre ‘being split in two’ as an explanation


        • I saw that yours weren’t exactly cheerful either. Many people told me I should be kinder to myself! It’s true about the concentration and squinting taking up the energy that to remember to smile is just not on.

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  4. Good day Petrujviljoen, gorgeous self-portraits … PS.: I have made it possible to follow Carpe Diem Haiku Kai by email. You can find that possibilty at the right side of the weblog.


  5. Exciting self portraits! Hope you do more along these lines soon.


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