July 27, 2013 by petrujviljoen

Friday Fictioneers is a group of writers from all over the world that writes a short flash fiction of a 100-words or as close to it as you can get on a weekly basis. It comes with a warning: It’s addictive. Anyone can join. Go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields‘ site and get the how-to. On Rochelle’s site, by clicking on the little blue frog, you can find all the other stories. This week’s photo is courtesy Douglas McIlroyd,who holds copyright.

maui-from-mauna-kea copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

I enjoy constructive criticism.

Genre: General

100 words.

Leave the cacophany, the chaos, the scorched earth. Just leave. Concentrate. Answer the call. Make the effort. Don’t be diverted. Escape.

On the journey, enjoy the leaving. Keep on. Don’t mind the time. Follow the sign. It needs a will. Be willing. To change your view, to deepen your life you must let go. Higher, go higher. Get off the beaten track. Make the effort. Believe the need. Leave. Just go. Your spirit says so.

There, once there you will sate your hunger. You will know what it is to be full and whole. What it means to receive.




18 thoughts on “

  1. Sandra says:

    Enjoyed this.

  2. kz says:

    i’ve just gone to the mountains and the hot spring this month but this piece just made me want to go back again as soon as possible.. to escape. wonderful there, like time doesn’t exist at all. thanks for sharing this… 🙂

    • petrujviljoen says:

      It’s a blessing that one can get away from time to time. I believe the Doug McIlroy, whose pic we used for a prompt, lives there. His daily view! I’m quite lucky to live in nature as well.

  3. I wish I would have thought of this. Great! I like how the words trickled out in a kind of disjointed way, but yet were all connected. My description doesn’t do it justice. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Wow! I don’t think I’m strong enough to take you up on this. But I should. We all should.
    Be careful – you could be the next Messiah.

  5. Just in time for vacation, which we’ll be going on soon. I get a similar feeling from being in the mountains…or even in the van on the journey.


  6. denmother says:

    I loved the 100 word escape. Beautiful. Wonderfully written.

  7. zookyworld says:

    Words of wisdom here… it reminded me of the times I’ve gone walking on trails in the woods, getting away from the cacophony.

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