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April 6, 2013 by petrujviljoen

Friday Fictioneers: the inspiring, motivating site where people write their hearts out in response to a photograph posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the hostess. This week’s photo is courtesy Scott Vanatter, submitted with permission by Indira who holds copyright.

gnarled-tree - copyright Indira from Scott Vanatter with permission

I enjoy constructive criticism. Thank you for reading.

“Know yourself and you will know the world.” 

Yggdrasil [f. ON (Yggr Odin, drasill horse)] This according to the Oxford Reference Dictionary, published in 1986.


Map of life this tree. Tree entirely tree itself, self-absorbed. Tree’s only concern to grow from life to Light. Life itself, the host of life, probably aware, necessarily detached.

Common enough, the Ash, in Europe, in Africa, all over the world. The World Tree. Rare in its ability to grow where none other would keep. Isolation in this instance unconscious adaptability. Flexibility its strength to hold to essential, urged, determination to Live.

Roots struck deep, unseen. Mythological implication, yet it is known. It is Life it draws from underground. Rugged, against the gradient, it stands. Simply, wholly, if not beautifully.



12 thoughts on “The Tree – Friday Fictioneers

  1. rgayer55 says:

    We can learn a lot from trees, especially flexibility when the rough winds of life threaten us. Well done.

  2. elappleby says:

    I like the way the words branch out one from another in the first paragraph, taking a word from the previous sentence and expanding on it. An interesting and fascinating style.

    • petrujviljoen says:

      I think it is called repetition. Charles Dickens used it – the one writer that I know who did. Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s appreciated.

  3. zookyworld says:

    I really like this, a description of the strength of the tree and the meanings of it, of the roots holding fast and the branches growing toward Light.

  4. Beautiful tribute to one of nature’s guardians. Nice writing.

  5. Dear Petru,
    A lovely tribute to the tree. We take them for granted, don’t we?

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