A Story for neither grown ups nor children Part Two

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June 27, 2012 by petrujviljoen

Peggy-Sue made her way along the wire fence, looking out for People and food, unsuspecting that an owl lurked in the branches of the tree. Let alone a Snake in the Grass!
Christopher, with his very good night vision, thought he spotted movement and hopped down to a lower branch to have a closer look.

Yes, he was right! He moved himself into a better position to swoop down on Peggy-Sue and turn her into owl-food before she could say Squeak.

Just then Sylvia uncoiled herself and came slithering in her snake-fashion into the relative open. There was much less noise from the traffic and she thought she heard rustling movements that were too soft for a human being or any other animal that she knew of. She wanted to investigate.

Silently she made her way over and through the roots of the tree, which still disguised her. Carefully she lifted her head to peer round the tree, and yes, it was a mouse that she heard! She would’ve preferred a raw egg, but … She shrugged off the idea of having to vomit up al that fur after eating. If a Snake is hungry she is hungry and hunger is the great equalizer, she thought, rather cleverly for a snake from the Country. Carefully, so as to make no noise, she went after Peggy-Sue.

Time to strike! Owl’s senses were a little disorientated from the noise of the trains, so he didn’t see Snake. He swooped down from the tree; it was only a few metres …

Just then, a Person, walking by, completely unaware of the drama underneath the tree, threw an empty cold-drink can over the fence. It landed exactly next to Peggy-Sue, who gave a frightful peep and sprang away in a mighty jump (for a mouse) to the left.
Sylvia, the Snake who, by this time, was right behind Peggy-Sue, stopped short and coiled around and around in an effort to get back to the roots of the tree.
Christopher, the Owl, who couldn’t stop in mid-sweep so to speak, got his feathers all ruffled with the sudden change of direction and more activity than he bargained for.
What with snakes and cold-drink cans, what should have been a simple meal had turned into a whole palaver.

Snake, who got herself in a knot, managed to land herself right in Owl’s claws, with Owl not prepared to deal with a long, wriggling snake.

The struggle that then ensued was too chaotic for description – then Owl was lifting Snake up to fly away, clutching at snake-straws, in a manner of speaking, there being no Mouse around anymore, and then Snake was wriggling and coiling round Owl’s legs, becoming a weight Owl couldn’t lift.

”What am I doing, trying to catch a snake?” Owl thought to himself in a confused manner. All flustered, he let go of Snake, who landed with a thud, unhurt, but slightly stunned. Owl was forced to land close to Snake to get himself together again after the fracas.
Irritated, he asked Snake what on earth she thought she was doing, getting in the way like that. ”Most inconvenient and disconcerting to say the least,” Owl said in a huff, and shook his frizzled feathers and feelings.

Snake straightened out her coils and hissed: ” I beg your pardon, my dear ssssir! It wasss you who interfered with me getting my dinner! What arrogance!”

”I was not trying to steal your dinner, you were trying to steal mine!” Owl shouted back.

… that’s all for today – the next and final episode tomorrow. Enjoy

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